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Default Re: Glass tip updates and durability test

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Actually, if you do have one of these sitting wide open in your car and it happens to be dirty or is brown from juices or whatever - chances are it's getting confiscated or you are going to the station. I had a friend who used glass to smoke RYO tobacco, and he had it out. he was taken in on paraphernalia charges and was fined. So it's not at all base don how you use it, because if you do use it, you're going to get in trouble no matter what you use it for if someone feels the need to mess with you.
getting in trouble, and being pulled over is entirely different. Cops pull over on supsicion, if your friend was fined and his glass confiscated then he was wronged and can take legal recourse. There's tests that can be performed to determine if the substance in a pipe is tobacco related or not. I personally don't like hearing about stories like this. Our legal system is a bit flawed. I got "In Trouble" for taking pictures of our historic district in town because they thought I was a terrorist... Taking pictures of a post office and fountain.
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