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Default Re: hookah styles?

Syrian style is generally accepted to mean that the majority of the stem is made of sold cast of lathed brass or some other metal.

Egyptian style usually means that it is a down stem surrounded by a metal shell to give it the shape and style desired.

There are a hundred variations within these two styles that are considered to be the classics although they are by far not the only option. They are just the most common. There are still Indian, modern, Chinese, post modern design and plenty of individual styles that don't fall into any other category.

Regarding smoking them it varies from maker to maker and from model to model. There are some Egyptian rigs that I have smoked from that are amazing and some that are terrible. Personally I have only smoked from one Syrian style rig and it's a nour so my views there are a little skewed.

A lot of the time once you figure out which pipes have the right dimensions and are made from good materials as to support a long working life then it comes down to aesthetic quality. It is widely accepted that two of the most well made brands on the market are Khalil Mamoun and Nour Syrians. There are other options and you should not let the opinions of the masses tell you what to like. That being said, you pretty much know you are getting a good quality pipe with these brands.
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