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Washed tobacco is soaked in water to remove many of the more harsh qualities of the tobacco leaf and much of the nicotine. the majority is taken out but there is still a good amount left in the leaf. If you believe the boxes that contain your tobacco around 90% of the nicotine is removed. Truth be told there is no way to judge this and nicotine levels vary from plant to plant.

If you are smoking tobacco you will get nicotine. enough to buzz someone who is not hardened against it. that is not a badge of honor either. That means you smoke enough to change your body's chemistry.

Over time this change will naturally occur while smoking. Your tolerance will get higher and you will get less of a buzz.

washed tobacco is like decaffeinated coffee. It's not a perfect process. the coffee still has caffeine but there is far less of it in the product than normally would be.
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