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Default Sorry to announce but it had to be done.

This afternoon it has been decided that the devils playground/ WO********* (Neal and Holly) are to be banned permanently from this site.

They broke many rules and ultimately were not people we want around on this site.

Here are a list of things they did so nobody thinks we banned them unjustly. We "sat down" and took the time to compile a list. He was originally going to get a 10 day ban, before he decided to slander another business.

1. Neals Icon was drug related. It was a gas mask and his email had the domain of ***.

2. There was nudity that he hotlinked to our site. I actually got into trouble at work for clicking on his site. THIS IS WHY NUDITY AND PORNOGRAPHY ARE BANNED and you get an INSTANT perma ban for this

3. He was warned repeatedly about the self promotion and then continued to do so.

4. We recieved multipule complaints from members, and vendors alike stating he was negative and was bashing the moderators, the members of this forum and other vendors.

5. He threatend several vendors and their business. By this I mean he threatened to buy up their domain names or similar one "out of spite".... He actually told me this!!! How dumb can you be?!

6. His business ethics are very shady. He butted in on other peoples purchases, he bashed other vendors out right, he pushed his wares where ever he could, He even stated tht he was sending someone to another persons stores to take pictures to make a fake website of that particular vendor.

The final straw was him actually making a website out of a vendors name, and then putting falsafied information on it about the owners. I'm sorry but this is not the type of person we want on this site.

His attitude about this forum sucked. He kept saying it blew, So all in all, we are giving them the chance to make their own, and I wish them good luck.


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