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Default Exotic Imports / Exotica Brand / Exotica Coal - Facts and Truth

Dear Loyal Exotica Lovers,

How are you all? This is the owner of Exotica Brand including the Exotica Square Hookah Finger Coals. I do not post allot of messages on any sites due to the fact that we are extremely busy and working on many new products but I wanted to clarify a few things. Recently, it has come to my attention allot of rumors going around regarding Exotica Coals and here is the TRUE facts about "Exotica Brand". We work very hard to keep Exotica a Top Quality Brand and want to make the public aware of the truth and facts.

1- Exotica Finger Coals were part one of one of many upcoming new items. We are working on many new items including Quicklites, Silver Japanese Coals, and more.

2- Exotica is not shutting down as heard online and we are no where close to shutting down. We can thank all of you for that and always hoping to make everyone happy. We do our best to test our products on daily basis and always try to improve. We have had a small batch of bad coals last month but we have pulled those off the shelves and we have destroyed that batch. Exotica is back to normal. We are in the works of even improving the coals we currently have. People thought that might be impossible but we are working on it and our tests show positive results. We apologize everyone who ran into one or 2 of that bad batch but there were only a few bad cases that made it out of our warehouses before we caught the problem due to our daily testing.

3- Exotica is working on its line of very unique line of hookahs, Exotica Hookah Tobacco and Molasses and other Hookah Products.

4- Exotica has a PATENT AND TRADEMARK on all of its products. If you see any copies or fakes of any of our products, please feel free to email us urgently at We do give rewards to the reporter if the party is prosecuted. Please be aware that we also own Patents and Trademarks for our male and female mouth pieces / Tips as well.

5- Currently, Exotica has 5 warehouses and growing. Three in USA totaling10,000sq ft, one in China 70,000 sq ft and one in Syria 40,000 sq ft. We are working on building relations and opening warehouses worldwide.

6- If you ever see anything suspicious about Exotica, please contact us at once.

7- We have many distributors nationwide and growing daily. If you ever have any concerns or suggestions regarding our products or questions, please contact Gabriel at

Hope this clarifies everything. We are unique and will remain unique as Exotica owns the Patents of the shape and can not be copied. Exotica uses all natural wood and production process is kept a huge secret to keep away from competition. We have had a few companies try producing hookah square coals and they have failed... Thank you for all of your support and looking forward to hearing from all of you in the near future. Happy Holidays and a Great 2008!

Exotic Imports USA
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