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Default Mixing Nakhla Flavors

I probably should have done a search on this, sorry.
Anyways, what nakhla mixes o you guys make? I raraely mix it but have been getting bored with some flavors and want to try new ones. I can justify opening any more until I finish what I have opened already. So, this is my mix, sweet melon, apple, double apple, and peach. It's "breathing" right now and I will smoke it in an hour or so. I hope it's good. I really want to try some more nakhla, the thing is it's pros and cons. When I smoke SB I get tons of flavors, however it lasts 15 minutes and it starts to irritate my throat. With nakhla it feels healthier, more natural, flavor lasts longer and I don't feel sick at all, however it gets a bit boring. AF is kind of in the middle and I've smoked enough AF in my life to want new things. Anyways, I'll report back on this mix, hopefully it will work out as sweet melon and peach are strong, but apple is mild, hopefully they will come together good.
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