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Default Re: What the hell is up with my hookah?

It sounds like the coals are fine.

Here are some thing I would recommend:
- Check to see if the tobacco is burning to a crisp befroe you put on the second set of coals. Starbuzz takes heat very well up until a certain point - at this point it turns on you immediately. Al Fakher can sometime tend to smoke tingly, even harsh feeling, like a some cigars.
- What kind of bowl are you using? I would recommend buying a phunnel if you do not have one. A Vortex would work too.
- Dry-pull your hose (inhale and see what it tastes like when it is not plugged intot he hookah). If it has a strong flavor that is either offensive or very strong, you need to get a new hose. Or wash it if it is washable. If it is not a Nammor/Razan/Grand hose, it's not washable.
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