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Default Re: What the hell is up with my hookah?

KM hoses are not washable at all. They are made of very shoddy materials and some older models have leather which also should not be washed.

Generally, large clouds and flavor do coincide with tobacco like Starbuzz, AF, AW, HH, Fumari. A bit extra heat could result in a burning chemical flavor before the charcoal flavor comes on.

What I think is happening is that by not moving the coals around on your Egyptian bowl, the juices are dripping down the stem. The bowl heats up all around and the juices become less viscous throughout the tobacco, causing you to lose flavor, or just get the flavor of burning tobacco.

On egyptian bowls, I would move the 2 coals around the edge of the bowl every 5-10 minutes until they die, and then the next set should be around the center area. This will keep the tobacco from buring all in one place.

The loss of juices can not really be remedied without modification of the bowl or a new phunnel/vortex bowl.
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