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some argue it needs to be done on other tobaccos, and some confuse airing out of tobacco that doesnt smell right (the like bad grape af) as acclimating which it is not.

acclimating is just a game, there have been plenty of times i get tangiers and it smokes basically fine if not perfect out of the pack where as i have had it where it never gets right and due to trying to hard it gets fubared

when you get you tangiers, you will probably be able to smell the flavor through the bag or at least the inner bag (keep this around) and basically only the flavor. when you open it up it may smell like smoke/soy sauce, and then that means you need to acclimate it. store it in a flat low zip lock container (or the like) and to acclimate just mix it up and let it sit there in the container. when smoked it should taste fine, smell fine and not have much harshness to it (it will have a tickle that you wont be used to but it should be an insane tickle)

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