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Hi Everybody!

So I finally just bought my first hookah, and since I only had ever tried hookah at parties I am pretty ignorant when it comes to this stuff. So I was wondering what brand/flavors your guys would recommend to a first time owner. I am leaning toward ordering a few 50g packs of Romman (I have heard it is good), and maybe a couple other 50g packs. I don't really want to load up too much right away, because I do not plan to smoke too often, but I want to have a good initial assortment.

Also, what coals would you recommend. I am leaning towards a pack of Exotica, but I don't really know what natural coals are the best, again, I have just heard they are good.

Lastly, what site would you guys recommend ordering from as far as being reputable, and have good prices/shipping prices.

Thanks Everyone,
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