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Default Re: Newbie Shisha Recomendations

Originally Posted by FeliFeliWooo View Post
how do you know you like it until you try it?
i dont like many starbuzz flavors but i bought a 250g of blue mist and it was good

and nakhla might have too much of a buzz if your new.
I don't care how many people say SB is the schnit, until they put it in a 50g then its not a sampler tobacco. And to tell newcomers to spend $20 on a 250 assuming they have the same tastes as you is not right. They may not like anything mint or menthol. And 100g are not samples, samples do not cost $10. Just saying Starbuzz is just too pricey to tell anyone to jump on it and good luck with the liking it.
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