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Default Re: Hookah questions from HookahBooka (Ment to have an h in the end but for

Originally Posted by HookahBooka View Post
Hey guys this is HookahBooka and im new to and hookah in general and i have these questions

Where can i get ******* quicklight coals?

Does Al Fakher grape really taste like ketchup

Is Al Fakher watermelong good?

And is this a good hookah?

And does that come with a hose, i dont know what you call the thing you smoke out of, the thing you suck on?

Thanks guys!!! Hope to see you on the forums
**********, i buy pretty much exclusively from john now because he has great prices and out standing service

af grape some times does, and af's quality lately has gone down hill, theire watermelon is ok but it tastes kinda chemically

the hookah looks ok but personally i dont buy from HS any more just from dealing with their CS way to much (they usually fix this pretty well but with john the issues just dont come up, biggest issue i have had was when he was out of stock of stuff, i could have waited a day to hopefully get the other stuff in but he said he really wanted to get it out to me that day so i had my stuff and i agreed and was fine with changing around some flavors

basically any hookah will come with a hose (maybe not a good one, but a hose),

a chiller is a hookah that has a bucket at the top of the stem that you put ice in to supposedly cool the smoke more.

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