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Default Re: Newbie Shisha Recomendations

for coals i would say coconaras or johns ******* coals, the cocos compared coal to coal are better (burn longer and stay hotter, but are not as consistent size) however their price makes them second to johns coals (150% of coals for the same price from john and the coals are pretty close to CCNs). exoticas are ok coals but im not a fan personally, they had more smell that stuck around after lighting (like a burnt wood smell) and i wont touch QLs

as to tobacco, i dont like AF, some of it is ok but lately all the AF i have gotten has been bad or at least had a bad taste to it so i have said screw it, AF mint was still ok though. i smoke nakhla most of the time but its not the best tobacco to jump right into since it is a bit stronger it also has more natural flavors, Starbuzz is good but it is more canyish and expensive, Al waha is a decent smoke, not the highest quality but decent, and tangiers is a bit hard of a tobacco for a newer smoker, its harder to deal with the regular line (the lucid is much easier) and it will knock you on your ass

it will take some time and money to figure out what you like

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