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Default Re: shisha help

the girls i smoke with (meaning the three guys who normally come over) really like the lighter fruity flavors.* All the melon flavors i have go over pretty good (Fantasia Sweet Red Melon, Starbuzz Sweet Melon and Safari Melon Dew) as well as the candy apple style flavors (Fusion Sour Apple, Java Apple Mint, not double apple flavors though) and the mixed fruits flavors. *another good light flavor would be like trpiocal mixes, Fusion makes a Hawiian Mist thats good and also one called Miami Beach thats got a nice mild flavor. *personally i'm a big fan of mint flavors and like trying non-traditional stuff like rose and coffee...

I think Fumari got it right when they split their tobaccos into three types
1. Fruits and Berries
2. Mints and Delights
3. Tropics

where Fruits and Berries include all the normal fruit and berries like peach, plum, grape, apple, blackberry, orange, etc...the Mints and Delights include mint or anything with mint in it and others like Cola, vanilla, chocolate, rose, mimosa, coffee, raspberry kamikaze and other odd combinations...the Tropics have stuff like guava, mango, papaya, honeydew, pineapple, and banana, anything that doesnt fit into the fruit/berries list...

ask your 'patrons' which group they would like flavors from and choose accordingly, thats usually how i figure it out...but then again i keep lots on hand just to have a selection for when a mood strikes, lol.
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