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Default Looking to purchase a hookah ...

So, I'm on the market for my second Hookah. Originally i ordered a cheap social smoke junior hookah, to try it out. I had never smoked a hookah before that.

Anyways, i decided it's off to bigger better things. I was thinking about buying a KM Double Pear, until i saw they have a leather hose.
Now this is one of the questions i have, in regards to leather hoses and KM's. With the hookah i currently have, after a few bowls, i need to wash the hose due to the mixture of flavors and the fact that it ends up tasting like shit. The flavors just.. get absorbed in to the hose, making anything you hit from there out taste like shit.
Does this happen with a leather hose? If it happens with a leather hose, is there anything you can do? I don't want a leather hose if the flavors stick around and you can't do anything about it, i smoke for enjoyment, the flavors are one of the best part.

I'm also looking for some suggestions on a two hosed hookah, moderate price range, nothing too extravagant. Two hoses and a good smoke is all I'm really looking for.

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