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Default Re: The Best Mint

I am also a mint lover

aside from all the fanboys in here raving about AF and Nakhla Mizo i have tried lots of others.

the list of my favorite mints go like this:

Cleopatra Mint - sweet, like a wintergreen, very chilly on the inhale.
Starbuzz Winter Fresh - another sweet wintergreen mint, also cold on the inhale, pretty light
Nakhla Mizo Mint - great flavor, like spearmint, not as sweet but has a great buzz unlike the others i've had
Fusion Wild Mint - more of a natural mint flavor, not so sweet, not as cold, but still great.

and if you're talking mixes:

Starbuzz Citrus Mint - great balance of citrus fruit and mint flavor, no need to add extra mint.
Starbuzz WildBerry Mint - great berry flavor, mint is a bit weak, add some Cleopatra to balance it out since the sweet goes well with berry.
Fumari Citrus Mint - one of the best, has a great flavor and is very minty, i'd say around 60/40 mint to citrus, medium buzz and good flavor make this a fav.
Java Watermelon Mint - only time i've seen a watermelon mint flavor, great combination, the balance is right around 50/50 so you get a good melon mint flavor
Romman Good Times - fruit/citrus/mint mixture, has a great buzz with good flavor, the mint is a bit light, but can be fixed by adding some Mizo, or Fusion if you dont want more nicotine.
Fusion Wild Berry Mint - not the best, but still good, very faint mint taste, if you want more mintyness you have to add it yourself as this one focuses more on the berries.

still on the shelf to try, Java Apple Mint and Java Lemon Mint.
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