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Default Help from AZ (need lounge owners inputs)

Ok I work @ and help manage Urban Cafe in Tempe, AZ

lately for the past 2 weeks ish we've been going really slow even on the weekends. We open @ 5pm till whenever but usually about 1am - 2am

We have the award for best hookah lounge in the area and have is probably the only one that doesn't use crappy ass QL's but for the past 2 weekends we've only hit about $300 a night we usually hit about $550-$600 at the very least on a Friday/Saturday night

Input from HP and Lounge owners what were missing here? We use KM hookahs with KM hoses.. Natural wood coals. AF/Laylina shisha...

Currently the restaurant portion has been closed down due to not having a patio and the AZ smoke laws but were been doing good for over a year w/o serving food. We are reopening the restaurant portion in about a month or so.

Please do not state location location because we have a very good location right next to Arizona State University and have been doing good for years its just that the past 2 weeks have been really bad.

All info is in my sig link to the site

All positive inputs welcome

Thank you in advance
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