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Originally Posted by The Egyptian View Post

Hearing a lot about Starbuzz and some people saying it's the top brand, I would like to order some. Is there any website there accepting major credit cards (issued outside the US) that I can order SB from?

Also, how much does it go for? How can I tell if it's genuine not counterfeit, and last but not least, what are the available flavours (do they have an official website?), where is it manufactured, and what is the recommended flavor? I currently smoke AF Grape so I am into neither too mild nor too strong flavors/smoke. I prefer sweet, string flavor, dense smoke that does not burn ur throat.


The Egyptian
starbuzz is all that ive smoked(been hookahn for about 2 months) its very good! the types ive tried are kiwi, cantalope, blueberry, candy, apple, blackgrape! they are all good and i recommend going to great website hope it helps you out!
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