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Default Tangiers? I don't get it....

Ok so I'd been hearing so much about Tangiers, I finally broke down and ordered a pack of Passionfruit... and I don't get it. So far I've taken two stabs at it (acclimated about 6 hours) first packing it the way HJ describes in his video by piling it on there and smashing it down with the foil. It tasted burned... go figure. Next I went back to the way I pack everthing else, sprinkling it into the phunnel then lightly patting it down to ensure no foil contact, this time it didn't burned but the flavor or smoke was in no way impressive. It tastes like a lightly fruity something with a good bit of sour, which I can't say is bad but doesn't taste anything like a passionfruit. Anyone else experience this with this flavor? Anyone have any input to my methods? I'd love to unlock this amazing flavor that everyone raves about from Tangiers....
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