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Default Re: Help from AZ (need lounge owners inputs)

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
First of all, you say you are next to a college campus, and your menu mentions nothing of alcohol....

College kids love drinking, you may be against that, but i feel a lot of business on a friday night would be lost to that. if you are against this in your establishment, consider a BYOB policy potentially


As for food, is there any food served being the restaurant is closed at the moment?


With all respect, it is lacking from what I see from the pictures in your video... You have a lot of pale colors, very 80's suburban and honestly if you want to make money, you need to get more color, instead of using color as an accent, try painting the walls in bold colors, then you can use the plainer colors as accents....also if the walls arent textured, you may consider that to add a rustic look.

You can consider potentially some "arab" seating if you will, pillows on the ground sort of deal. there is a hookah lounge in atlanta that uses this method in half the establishment and there is a longer wait for this adds to the ambience..but remember, plain colors wont do it, you need to provide many colors and arabesque geometrical designs all over this potential section to get the desired effect.

As for the tables, they looked plain as well, consider doing decoupage to decorate the tables, honestly anything to make them look less plain, cloth is obviously a dangerous thing with coals around and clumsy customers, however consider glass on top of cloth too....ive even seen broken CD bits covering a table in decoupage style....

Do you mass e-mail the college? do you have a good customer that you can trust to advertise via email for you for a discount at your place? I used to get invites to random clubs and restaurants and hell even a hookahbar that was an hour drive away on my private college email account.

What music do you play?


Consider having a special night for a specific flavor you don't offer all the time....consider offering new flavors from other brands and advertise that you are carrying other varieties for a specific night via your college connection.


ill post more as more comes to mind
Crap I didn't realize how out dated the video on the website was. We have changed the lounge. The walls have been painted darker and have added black lights and 2x flat screens on the wall. I guess we could compare the atmosphere to Fusion cafe in Anahiem. As far as the food goes there is none being served and we are re opening it in about a month. For music we have B4U, Zoom, Fuse, and lots of times we will play Hip hop off my ipod since that is what customers like the most. Some times we will even play a movie kind of like how Hidden Cafe in Anahiem does. As far as Acohol I cannot allow that I am not the owner of the lounge and the owner does not want college kids puking everywhere. There is only 1 lounge in AZ that allows acohol that is also next to ASU but they get just as much bussiness as us.

Thank you for all the inputs guys

Originally Posted by AngriestPhx View Post
Are you putting flyers out at the ASU Campus and other local high traffic areas? Do you have a facebook or myspace page? Changing up the tobacco wouldn't be a bad idea. Carry both unwashed and washed. There are so many lounges in Tempe... has a decent list. You should go check out the other lounges and see what they are doing differently. I've been to Urban Cafe on a few different occassions several years ago and remember having a good experience. Did you have more business when you were selling food as well?
we were doing very good even after we didn't have food for a while now suddenly were almost falling below $200 a night this past Saturday we got $202.xx the entire night....

I've been checking out lounges like Red sea, Harem, HB place, Silver q, X-Hale, Eddies but ehh our hookah reign Superior to the chinese hookahs and QL's they use
There are too many Nakhla DA fans =/
Wheres my Nakhla Esk apple fans...

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