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Default Re: Help from AZ (need lounge owners inputs)

I know you don't want puking kids, but thats what cutting people off is for...and you are at school of america.

i have never been to the cafe you speak of, can you post pictures of you own? and yeah the website may need an update..

It is mid april... could exams or gearing up for finals be going on?

could you provide insight on your advertisement...

as for your comment on chinese hookahs and quicklights....

the average person does not know enough about hookah to appreciate the nicer stuff...

My wife does not know the difference between my AF rig and her astro rig in magenta...cept that hers is tiny and looks pink.... she doesnt really get why I prefer natural coals over quicklights....maybe you should burn the difference into the memory of your customers so they can say, "well, naw, lets goto kenny's place, that other place uses the cheap shit man..." to their friends...

do you hang out with your customers or hang back? i find in a place like this, hanging out is better...

"blu mist rulz dawg an that stuff ain't like it an if youz don't agree you bez a shithead yo" - Hajo Flettner
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