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Default Re: Help from AZ (need lounge owners inputs)

Originally Posted by HuMMuS View Post
alcohol is key. i personally go to one hookah lounge not because they serve alcohol but because they are next to a bar that does. if there is a bar next to you dont worry as much. but if there isnt, you have to look at the fact that most people go out to have a good time. good times start with a few drinks. I would say the byob is your best bet. and if the owner wants more business he will have to sacrifice his own policy.
Also some food would be nice. If the kitchen is closed offer fruit. its a good healty choice and i would always be happy with that. its takes all but 5 mins to make a nice plate of cut up fruit to go with a bowl hookah. offer tea to drink or coffee as well. cuz best thing about drinking before goiing to smoke hookah at a lounge it give you a perfect place to sober up before hitting the streets, so coffee and tea work wonders.
anything you can add to make the place look unique and different from any other. thats the best advice of all. if people feel like its one of a kind there is a reason a to go there.
Hummus made me think of one thing....When I was in monterey, ca a big bar street was alvarado....after last call there was one place on alvarado that was still open, Taco Bell....and if you walked far enough you could still get to denny's, it had good business, but Taco Bell was PACKED.

When I was in san angelo, after last went to a whataburger...

if you are in a good locatioan, potentially surrounded by bars, consider offering a place for people to relax in a quieter environment, offer some fruit or maybe bread and dip to absorb alcohol, and of course some water or tea to drink to do the same.... yeah puking kids i know, but also a ton of one wants to go home after last call but the party pooper and the guy about to get laid.

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