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Default Re: What the hell is up with my hookah?

Originally Posted by tempest View Post
Help me figure this out guys.

I currently have a KM Coppertone something (one of these http://www.**********.com/

I use Exotica Coals from; 2 per smoke, each coal being a quarter of the bar. These are placed on opposite ends of my bowl.

Setup: I typically open my little bucket of shisha, give it a good stir to get the tobacco moist and then sprinkle it into the bowl to ensure that it isn't too tightly packed. I make sure that the shisha doesn't go over the edge of the bowl. Then cover it up with foil (shiny side down), poke in a bunch of holes and fire up the coals.

Now here's my problem. As of late, I've noticed that the shisha isn't nearly as flavorful as I remember it. I smoke Al Fakher Mint and Double Apple and Starbuzz Vanilla, White Peach and X on the Beach. These are very tasty flavors; plenty of people on here that can vouch for that. Yet, I'm having trouble getting any flavor. I thoroughly clean out the hookah before every smoke and yet the amount of flavor I get in each session is hit or miss.

Additionally, a few minutes before my first set of coals is out, I typically start up another set and replace the coals on the hookah to continue smoking. I've noticed that, once this 2nd set of coals is on (typically broken from the same bar), I lose all hints of flavor and the smoke becomes either completely bland or, on a few occasions, a tad harsh.

I've tried everything I can think of to correct this but have had no luck. The kicker is that I've been smoking for a really long time now and this is the first time I've had any issues whatsoever.

Note: The box of Exoticas I have now is relatively new, don't remember having issues before I started using this box. Thing is, I've used Exoticas for a while now and had no such problems so I'm hesitant to place the blame on the coal. Can you guys think of anything that might be causing the issue?
as to the taste it could be that the tobacco is losing the flavor from not being as sealed or it could be that your hookah needs to be cleaned.

as to the recoal issue, the bowl is already warm so the over all heat is higher, leads to the issues you are having. i honestly dont do more than 1 round of coals unless i use my phunnel or i am smoking starbuzz because i use less heat on the SB and it doesnt dry out as fast

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