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Default Re: Help from AZ (need lounge owners inputs)

in all reality its not decor, alcohol, or flavors... Ill be 100% honest with everyone people in general dont give a care what brand they smoke... all they want is "whatever".... I sell SOO much watermelon because it must be classic go-to flavor. I offer a ton of different brands and flavors... I think im over 100 flavors but do people care? no they get confused and get watermelon lol etc... its the simple fact people are not spending as much as they were. people are getting their hours cut. My sales went down as well. I have a good location... near a college campus as well... and before christmas I was pulling in a grand a weekend now pull in WAY less. I pay my bills and put gas in my car but it is by no means great. The whole country is in a down time. You just have to wait out the storm it will get better again.

Also... due to smoking bans in many states... even in ohio you cannot have alcohol in a smoking establishment because it would be considered a "bar" and you are not aloud to smoke in a matter what... alcohol would be a nice add on feature but its not realistic... to even smoke inside in some states a BIG percentages of income have to be from the sale of tobacco. Ohio is 80%... if you have alcohol do you think 80% wouldnt even be touched. People go out and pound beers and shots down... gotta keep that % to even stay legal.

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