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Default Re: Help from AZ (need lounge owners inputs)

Times are tough, and hookah smoking is a luxury. Luxury businesses are always impacted the worst in poor economy and depression.

What are you doing about advertisement? How are you getting your name out to NEW customers?

To bring people in, I'd suggest creating weekly specials or a happy hour where certain items (or all items) are discounted significantly. The whole idea with this isn't to make profit, but to expose new people to your lounge. If the people are impressed by your lounge and atmosphere, they will return. People won't be impressed by coming to a lounge that is dead and empty.

I'd also suggest using more than just AF and Layalina. Expand to some of the more popular shisha like Starbuzz, Fantasia, Fumari. People new to hookah (noobs) will usually gravitate towards these brands since they have sweeter and more candy-like flavors. Still keep the AF and Layalina (at a lower cost). People like OPTIONS.
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