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Default Re: Tangiers? I don't get it....

Originally Posted by Mackmaven View Post
It tastes like a lightly fruity something with a good bit of sour, which I can't say is bad but doesn't taste anything like a passionfruit.
That's what mine tastes like...I liked it, I thought that is what it's supposed to taste like...I've only tried Passionfruit juice from a can when I was in Australia and the Tangiers tasted fairly close...

I haven't had any luck with regular Tangiers in my phunnels, but I packed it similarly in my vortex and it's been very good...Hole pattern is basic with 16-18 toothpick-sized holes on the outside, going to the bottom of the bowl...6-8 toothpick-sized holes on the inside/middle, going to the bottom of the bowl...8-10 tiny holes between the outside and inside rings...Put 3 CH naturals and it's good after 2 minutes...
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