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Default Re: Sorry to announce but it had to be done.

I hope everyone vendors and members alike take this as a lesson learned for themselves.

This is a situation despite multiple warns from a number of people - "He" had brought onto himself. There is no one to blame but him for the actions taken against him.

Hookah Pro was created for Hookah Enthusiasts; its a safe haven for those who truly love Hookah and the culture and subculture involved not for vendors to get a free ride and run a muck on the members of its community.

Vendors involved with our community (as Buddy provides for us) are quickly becoming more of a CON then a PRO. Whats going on is going to have to come to a stop.

I think the Vendors should be grateful to the Admin and Mods of this forum for keeping you all on here. If it were up to me, I would ban every last one of you. With or without vendors on this forum there would be no shortage of product WHAT SO EVER!
So, I say mind your Ps and Qs or cop a damn walk.

If youre doing more harm them good who the hell really needs you?
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