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Default Re: what do you like to search on the net while smoking?

Originally Posted by FirePro84 View Post
yep, play as much as i can lately...been playing since '02/'03, most recently the USPL tournament at Huntington Beach a week ago in the pump open division. *that was a bad day, lol. *You can see all my stuff on my site: i play anything from rec and pump to tourney ball and scenario.

when was the last time you played/do you still? i've only made it to oregon once to play at Hosking Field (?) for a scneario game there...awesome wooded forest with tons of ferns and stuff to hide in
Oh god, last time I played actual paintball musta been like a year and a half ago.
You're quite the gun whore aren't you :P

I personally liked NPPL, had several friends play D3 and D1 in HB a few years ago. One of those team is on the new Wii game NPPL 09'. :P
The name Nurv ring any bells?
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