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Default Help me decide on my next hookah

So right now I have a Generic 3-hose Hookah from I bought it about a year ago and since then have smoked out of many different pipes and found mine to be one of the less enjoyable ones (Tough to draw from, auto-seal constantly gets's a mess). Anyway, now with my birthday approaching (Turning 20) I have decided it's time to treat myself to something nice, A new Hookah. (Shh...don't tell April she's being replaced).

Anyway here's what I'm looking for and maybe you all could throw some suggestions up for me
1.Price: ~$150
2.Hoses: 1 but preferably expandable to at least 2
3.Height: not a Shortie but it doesn't need to be super-tall

So far I've looked at the Mya Frost, the KM 38' 3-hose pear (seen on, sorry the hotlink wont work), and the KM"omdah", The Governor 30inch.

what do you all think?
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