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Default Re: some coconut coals i saw...

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
Coconut coals are pretty hard to break. Looks like these pieces are pretty big, and would most likely require being broken into usable pieces. Hopefully they won't be like other coconut coals and take forever to light, ash like sand or small gravels, have to flip them every 5 minutes or they start to go out and taste awful etc. Most hookah smokers like to relax, and chiseling their coals to a usable size wouldn't be considered relaxing. I'm not sure what I'm going to do once my last box of Exoticas run out (about 75 smokes down the road). I may try bulk naturals.
your not letting the coco coals heat up long enough if they are going out and giving a bad taste, they get a thicker layer of black than exoticas though. it does take a bit of a learning curve to light them up but not much

Originally Posted by FirePro84 View Post
there was another hookah website i saw these on:

7lb converts to 3.17kg if you were wondering.

from what i read they work great for smoking and one whole coal lasts for over 2 hours...i'm kinda interested to try these out when i have some spare cash to spend on them.

anyone else try coals like these?
looks cool but like was said they do look huge
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