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Default Re: Group Sponsor?!

Hey everyone,

Thank you for all the reply's so far. It seems like a lot of you have the rough makings of a group. We are pretty lenient with our standards; all you need is a group name and a standard meeting time. You can meet once a year or once a day but it has to be a set schedule to create some order. Once you have this setup email or PM us your complete group information including the group name, total members, meet schedule, lead representative’s name, email and phone if possible. Also, we will need a designated shipping address and a list of your favorite tobaccos, charcoals, accessories and any items you wish to try from our website.

Once we have this information we will contact you with verification and we usually send out a welcome package with your groups favorite items and some promo materials for you to distribute.

Hope this helps and we look forward to getting many group inquiries.

Best Regards,
Mike and Eugene
Hookah Life
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