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Default Re: Hookah While driving

Originally Posted by Shienhausser View Post
^They probably just don't know what it is and they are not about to trust some random stranger's advice on it, or they see that it is stupid to have it coals in the car while your driving. That's really all they need to tell you to put it away, they dont want to see an accident from you swerving in the wrong lane while a coal burns a hole through your crotch.

Fuck the cops? They are just doing their job, it's funny how so many people bitch about the police and then expect them to come to the rescue when it's their ass in trouble.
thank you... thats my point well down here in SoCal i want to be a cop. my uncle is a marine and now is a detective for the LAPD.
With those happy thoughts, in my head, I'm feeling like I'm peter pan... Minus the tights and the fairies....
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