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Default Re: photos of my newest rigs.

Originally Posted by FirePro84 View Post
thanks for the comments guys, they are both amazing!

the Nour i picked up from a friend who bought it. *he didnt like the design on the base when it came because it was hand painted with what seems to be acrylic paint and has flaws that were not shown in the pics online. *personally i think it's beautiful...he ended up getting a Mya with a cut glass base instead.

the rig itself came from this page:

all the hookahs on that page are one-offs and once they're sold they're gone as far as i know. *i remember reading somewhere that they found all these vases in stock and put them together with some very nice Nour stems to make these. *The one i have was taken off the site as soon as it was sold, so i'm pretty sure if any of you guys buy one it will dissappear from the site as well.
what kind of flaws?
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