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Default Re: Hookah While driving

Originally Posted by Shienhausser View Post

Fuck the cops? They are just doing their job, it's funny how so many people bitch about the police and then expect them to come to the rescue when it's their ass in trouble.
That's because its their jobs, no one likes to be harassed. There is a difference between being unfairly treated and just complaining because you broke the law.

Recently I was in my friends car smoking hookah when a cop came up to our car, smoke flows out and he asks us what we are doing. I tell him were smoking hookah and we are all of age (18+), one of my friends has a DWI and because of it the officer used his ability to search the entire car which took about 30-45 minutes, afterward the bowl was pretty much out and I had wasted tobacco and coals for nothing thanks to him feeling like being an asshole. Police Officers provide a necessary good for society, but there are several who let the power go to their heads and give police a bad name.

I'm not going to go into the pensions and how the job isn't even risky in comparison to many other professions but whatever.
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