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Default Re: I feel like a newb - discussing grommets and water

Originally Posted by HookahBooka View Post
So i just dont get where to put grommets. Im waiting for my hookah and im like panicking cause i dont get where to put the grommets, and i dont know where to fill up the water. Like if the bowl is a solid color how are you suppose to see if the waters right? Help me with grommets and water!
Well let's answer some questions. Grommets are rubber fittings that goes over the stem top, and inside the hose adaptor(the metal piece on the side of the stem that's hollow). The bowl sits ontop of the hookah, on the stem, over the rubber bowl grommet.

As for the water in the base. It all depends on the length of your stem and how deep your base is. Generally you want about 1 and a 1/2 inches or a little less of your stem completely submerged in water. You just have to sort of eyeball it with your hookah. A lot of the times like on KMs and Syrians they'll have a little paint line where you can see where the water will fill up to on the base.

Stem in base, about 1 inch into the water, ash tray ontop of stem, bowl ontop of ashtray over stem via bowl grommet. Coals ontop of bowl. Hose into hose adaptor via grommet, or without grommet if it's a large hose. suck on hose, smoke goes down stem, into water, then up through hose adaptor into mouth. mmm delicious smoke, into lungs. ahhh yeah baby, that's how you hookah.

-Barry W.

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