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Default Re: Tangiers? I don't get it....

Things I do to ensure a good Bowl of Tangier's:

- pack, pack, pack, then pack some more. I use a retarded amount of shisha per bowl, but I usually reuse the unburnt tobacco on the bottom in my next bowl.
- as many Toothpick size holes as possible. At the end the holes have more area than the foil.
- Reynolds HD GOOD foil, no cheap stuff. Easiest way to screw it up besides underpacking.
- 3x CH coals, if need be use excessive Ice in base.

Just got some White Grape last night. It's tasty but not my favorite. Schnozzberry is amazing. And as a bonus the Schnozzberries really taste like Schnozzberries. Peach Iced Tea is...meh. Not bad but not great. Blue Gumball is good too. Didn't hav much luck w/ Orange Soda but I need to give that a second try before I make a final verdict. Spearmint was tasty.
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