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Default Re: what is the best for you? NAKHLA OR ALFAKHER?

Originally Posted by kugelfang View Post
The consistency of Nakhla is everything else than good. There are many stams and the cut is really bad, many big leaves and so on. AF is better there.
Why shouldn't tobacco be very juicy?
The mint of Nakhla is menthol only, the AF tastes sweet. But I like strong mint more
The Nakhla fruit mix is a complete fail, it tastes just chemically like a strawberry thingie or somthing like that. I didn't try AF fruit mix yet, maybe it's even worse.
And banana tastes like a very old banana.
The flavours I had of AF were all better than Nakhla - execially vanilla (Nakhla tastes like nothing, even if the smell was great) and lemon (toilet cleaner xD).
Could you tell me, which Nakhla flavour is the best? Maybe I'll give it another try.
//I've just seen it: AF Cappu and Cinnamon. The guys in the UAE make good fruit flavours, the other ones often taste very mild (except for chocolate).
choco mint is heaven. i agree the normal mint is not very minty but i still like it.

all of the nakhla apples are much better than af, sweet mellon is awesome, cola is great, cinnamon and cardamon, mandrin.

a lot of nakhla is very good, you just seem to have gotten all the flavors that are known for not being widely liked. egyptian tobacco usually has a more natural lighter taste, that why most people that like it do.

and as to why does tobacco need to be dry. if the liquid drips down you stem then it didnt need to be there because it didnt get used up and took up weight that could have been more properly made tobacco

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