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We all have problems with hookahs, no matter how new or experienced. In this thread, I want people to fly off the handle at brands, shishas, hookahs, or specific events - have fun and let out all the pain a certain brand/hookah/coal has caused you.

Remember though, this is meant to be cathartic and entertaining - ABSOLUTELY no going after vendors, other members and the like.

I'll start us off:

Everyone on the forum gets all pumped about JM and i'm thinking, "sweet, I'll get in on that, sounds fantastic and the weather is great!" But no, fuck that, it gets here the day after sun and warmth arriving in the middle of a freezing, windy downpour that will continue for days!! To make it even better, this fantastic smelling goodness is sitting right in front of me as i realize that by the time i can smoke it, I'll be in the middle of finals with no time and no one to smoke with. Its sitting here, mocking me, calling me names and yet i love it so, i cant let it go. !!!
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