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Default Re: what is the best for you? NAKHLA OR ALFAKHER?

Originally Posted by kugelfang View Post
The consistency of Nakhla is everything else than good. There are many stams and the cut is really bad, many big leaves and so on. AF is better there.
Why shouldn't tobacco be very juicy?
The mint of Nakhla is menthol only, the AF tastes sweet. But I like strong mint more
The Nakhla fruit mix is a complete fail, it tastes just chemically like a strawberry thingie or somthing like that. I didn't try AF fruit mix yet, maybe it's even worse.
And banana tastes like a very old banana.
The flavours I had of AF were all better than Nakhla - execially vanilla (Nakhla tastes like nothing, even if the smell was great) and lemon (toilet cleaner xD).
Could you tell me, which Nakhla flavour is the best? Maybe I'll give it another try.
//I've just seen it: AF Cappu and Cinnamon. The guys in the UAE make good fruit flavours, the other ones often taste very mild (except for chocolate).
The cut size of nakhla is honestly perfect. It allows you to have a loosely packed bowl with good airflow without worrying about tobacco sinking into the stem on a standard bowl. The quality of the leaf is better, it is more intact than most heavily washed brands like AF, SB etc.

As for stems, yeah, it has them, but so does AF...The cool part about nakhla stems is that they arent cut up into small bits, easy to take them out.

You don't want too much juice because tobacco isnt meant to be mushy it isnt meant to drip, its supposed to be much drier than all these new "premium" brands. Juice does not mean quality, that is a very big issue many fail to realize. Naklha manages to get a lot of flavor without compromising the leaf quality.

Try some Nakhla Mizo Mint. If you like AF Mint still, consider yourself an outlier. It tastes like real mint, not like mint gum.

Nakhla Fakhfakhina Fruit is the BEST Fruit Mix flavor out there. Sorry, but it is so.

Banana tastes like a yellow banana. Not the green ones they sell so it doesnt rot on you the next day. the yellow ones, the ripe ones...the ones that taste good.

AF vanilla tastes like grocery store cupcakes.

Lemon tastes bad from every brand....well lemonade from HH tastes good...but the cut is horrible.

My hookah may say Al-fakher on it right now, but not for long sir, im gonna replace it with some syrian glass and make sure the name of nour isnt tainted.

As for good nakhla flavors...all i mentioned...and anything in my video reviews on nakhla...havn't done a vid on a bad nakhla yet.

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