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Default Martello and Mong Do It Again – 10 Hour Session

Again we got together for another marathon of Hookah. This time we ended up smoking

Cherry (this was pretty damn good)
Pineapple (tasted strong but was really to sweet for us to smoke)

Mint (pretty food but I like AF Mint better)
Arabic Coffee (you could ALMOST taste the coffee but not so much)

Minots (We both those this bit I think Mong threw it away)
Coconut (this shisha was pretty damn good)

We smoked out of Mong’s new QT, and the auto seals worked awesome.
We used an Egyptian bowl.

Also I found a great use for a coal screen. If you’re going to use a foil ring to distance the coals from the shisha, place the screen over the bowl – foil ring on the screen and then put the foil over everything.

When I’ve used foil the ring and then more foil I have had a problem with the second layer collapsing a few times – into the ring. It’s a pain to have to fix. But with a screen as a base doe the whole thing it worked out really well

We used a jerry-rigged wad of foil as a wind cover to get a little heat going.

This time we stuck to water and a few pizza’s rather then beer lol.

Water the Steve-O video which is a must see for every American family IMO haha.
And green Street Hooligans, which was awesome.

Anyway –

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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