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Default Re: RANT AWAY

Originally Posted by FusionX View Post
god I love the smell of burning flesh.
I accidentally placed my hand on the electric stove once...
it turns out, it was so hot I couldn't feel it burning through my hand.

and the healing process... we'll it didnt hurt as bad either
ya, the hotter the thing that burns you is the less it hurts. honestly i have had worse burns from stuff that was only like 2-300 *F compared to stuff that was 1000*f (because the hot temp will vaporize the moisture in your skin and put a barrier between your skin and the item)

worst stuff for hookah to me is when you get the inconsistent streaks where you just have issues with it smoking well no matter what.

o and screw mya, i have called them twice in the last month to get a new grommet, both times they said "o dont worry about it we will send you one for free", ok sweet i was going to pay i didnt mind but free is great... never sent them, i need a damn grommet i am sealing my mya mini my taping around the stem/vase GARRRRRR
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