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Default Re: Phunnel problems...

the phunnel took me a while to get working right and then i stopped using it for a good while, i now use it some times but pretty much only with tangiers

first things first, make sure your mixing your tobacco well before packing it.

if the pull is hard and the foil is tight then you got a bad one (the inner hole should be about 1/8" or a touch less from the top. you may be able to get away with putting a hole in the foil over the hole so it doesnt pull down. still make sure that you have a decent gap below the foil, honestly you can smoke with a huge gap (i have smoked it half full before with minimal difference in flavor and smoke and part of it was that it was tangiers which is weird about the distance to the heat)

as to the heat the phunnel takes a while to warm up, if you cannot get it to give you much smoke, put the extra coal on until it warms up (move them frequently while warming, every 2-4 mins) once it gets warm (just before it gets harsh) drop the extra coal. if that doesnt work try other tobacco and/or try other coals. you can pack the phunnel bowl tighter than a normal bowl and honestly i usually do (but i dont pack tangiers as tight as people say to)

honestly the scalli mod i think was a waste of my money, i will probably give it another shot though.

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