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Default Re: what is the best for you? NAKHLA OR ALFAKHER?

I haven't had many Al Fahker flavors but nakhla is reliable and is the way to go yo.

Nahkla Mint was amazing a REAL mint flavor not a gum flavor and I like that.
Nahkla El Basha grape was amazing still, best grape flavor I've had.
Nahkla Banana, Tastes like a real banana and is refreashing and smooth.
NAhkla Lemon, a good lemon, a little pinesol-y but it was more of a real lemon flavor and again a plus.

What i like about Nakhla is nothing tastes artificial it all tastes natural and thats how it should be, the cut is good and no dripping down my stem another plus. It's a little chunky so what?

So yes Nakhla for me.
I've only had one BAD flavor and that was Fahkafahkina Miced fruits and that was bad for me, but everyones taste buds are different.

Don't think Nakhla is bad if it doesn't taste like candy, the flavors are real and they are strong!
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