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Default How Do I become a Mod (by Request)

You must first get your srt to 35 and dex to 67
then go to the shrine of Hookahline there you must grow some tomatoes
and feed them to the Nour god he will then give you another quest which fallows another quest untill finally you get to the plains of Nakhla
There you must sacrifice the most expsenive KM you have

the Nahkla gods will know

so no cheating

But what if you have two KMs of equal value?
The gods are forgiving my friend
chose as you will

they will then endow you with the light of Tangiers
which you must bring back to the Tomb of Hookahline
here you will have to endure three weeks of nothing of tangiers not the lucid line
and then once the gods have seen you have survived
then and only then and after that day will they give you mod for one day which the gods will test you, starting with your physical strength, having to hold a large urn containing nothing but pure Tombac. If you survive that your wits will be tested. There the Gods of Al Fakher will test your flavor and brand knowledge by being subjected to one week of nothing but a one hit hookah. Miss once and you will be thrown into a pit full of the dreaded AL Waha Banshies.

But should you prevail, you will pass on to the Catacombs of Narghile, there you will find a tobacco plant which you must tend to and care for for 30 days, then if the plant survives the Goddess Of Al Waha will come down upon you and bestow you with the sword of Horchata. Which you must take back to the Nahkla gods to have the curse of Tombac placed upon it. But be weary this will cost you 923 HP and all of your MP.(remember to be at least lvl 78 when starting this quest)

Then once the curse has been placed you must go to the Land of Shisha, there you will find a Goddess Named Laylina which will bestow you will +50 to your magic pool.

There you will take the sword back to the Catacombs of Narghile and slay the dragon of Quicklite fire.

If you prevail slaying the beast you will be awarded 5000 EXP and a talisman of Mod.

Take this Talisman to the wizard Sambooka and he will give you Mod.

Good Luck.

(this was a request from the Thedreamender since i had started this story when someone asked me how they become a mod)

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