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Default Re: RANT AWAY

[FONT=Century Gothic]Alrighty then, here we go:

Fuck ashtrays that pop and send coals all over your floor.
Fuck burning carpet.
Fuck 3 kings QL's and their cheap allure to me.
Fuck the fact that my Havana bowl is like a fucking leper to the HP community.
Fuck the fact that my local shop doesn't carry Nakhla, Tangiers, or 250g containers of ANYTHING.
Fuck tobacco taxes.
Fuck the guy that works @ my shop, he thinks that Egyptian handmades are stupid.
Fuck the hookah bar in my city. 20 bucks for two people? GTFO.
Fuck not having any money to buy some decent Nakhla with.
Fuck the lack of people that want to smoke hookah legitimately. NO, If I load up a bowl, we aren't taking two hits and quitting. WE WILL SMOKE IT ALL, I AM NOT FUCKING WASTING EXPENSIVE SB SHIT SO YOU CAN BE A FUCKING WHINER!
and most of all:
FUCK THE HOOKAH PROBATION MY GIRLFRIEND HAS PUT ME ON. I can't buy a goddamn thing for my hookah till July!

I'm done, I'm gonna load up my Sheecool and relax. (I'm too poor to afford a KM or Syrian, and it works fine!)


*has brain aneurysm, dies*

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