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Default Re: Screw on Vases

Originally Posted by euroautolover View Post
My MYA hookah has a screw on vase. It's more secure and easy to clean. Offers a better smoke. The only issue I've encountered was sometimes I overestimate/underestimate the amount of water needed, and once you set the coal, its a lot of work to unscrew and adjust without making a mess.
But other than that, their gggggrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaatttttttt!
I would like to say that the middle 2 comments I disagree with, but the first is true and latter has happened w/ me too and its a bitch...

It is more secure by being more stable.

It isnt any easier to clean, its just AS easy.

It doesnt provide a better smoke, just another method to attach a stem on a base.

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