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Default Re: Phunnel problems...

Originally Posted by JimNibbles View Post
The two brands I've used with the phunnel are Starbuzz and Fantasia because they are very juicy tobaccos.

@ kalutika: Sometimes I get a tiny bit of smoke (less than drawing on a cigarette) that tastes nothing like tobacco. That occurs when I have the foil tight and I get an easy draw. When the foil is slightly looser and I have a tighter draw, it seems like the heat roasts the tobacco better but it takes so much effort to get anything out of it.

I didn't get a chance to smoke today, but I'm smoking tomorrow night at a friend's house so we'll see how it goes.

Then you are probably under packing the bowl. Because the heat is not being drawn directly through the tobacco it needs to be pretty close together. It's a medium funnel bowl so it takes a lot to pack the damn thing.
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