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Default Help me with my new phunnel bowl

So I've got a phunnel bowl in the mail; should arrive today barring any tardiness on Fedex's part. Until now, I've only used the Egyptian bowl that came with my KM and after an hour of forum searching and reading old threads, I'm thoroughly confused with regards to using a phunnel bowl. I was hoping you guys could either point me in the right direction or give me a quick primer.

I will be using Exotica natural coals and currently have some AF and Starbuzz in the house.

This is the phunnel I ordered:http://www.**********.com/

What I'm looking for is some directions regarding shisha packing and coal usage/heat management. Also, whats the deal with all the mods? I've read a whole bunch of threads that mentions mods of some sort, funky hole arrangements on the foil etc that have me quite confused.
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