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hi im josh as some of u might now i have been smoking hookah for years now but mainly in hookah lounges i finally got me a nice set up at home but i am having a huge problem i have a good hookah i have a 24" chinease hookah clay bowl and a nammnor hose and good shisha SB white peach and good coals exoticas BUT!!! evry time i smoke even a short session 1 hour or so and i have a huge headache afterwords a huge migrane and nothing helps and im not burning the shisha its not harsh soo i dont knwo what the problem is if you could please help me out i have tried evrything and i have the same hookah the same shisha and the same coals as the hookah lounge and this doesnt happen there and i am spacing out my drags verry far... PLEASE HELP THIS REALLY SUCKS!!!

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