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Default Re: Help me with my new phunnel bowl

The main point of a mod—at least, the mod I think you're talking about—is to re-direct air flow. Because, in a conventional funnel, the hot air won't touch the tobacco or juices at the bottom of the bowl. It'll get the tobacco and juices at the top to the top-middle of the bowl, but not the bottom. This is because of the work required to get air to the bottom of the bowl. The scalli mod, and all related, changes air flow so that it goes through all of the tobacco, while still getting good airflow. It does this by requiring that the air goes through the bottom, then up into the hole.

This can be done by the scalli mod from Minnesota Hookahs (MNH) or from a variety of home-made mods, such as the tea candle mod mentioned above. It's not necessary for a funnel, but it will keep the bowl going longer, allow you to use less tobacco, and will actually completely smoke the bowl.

Tobacco packing can be done basically in any way you find works well. Try out a bunch of methods, and see what works well for you! I find that packing in longer cut tobacco, like Nakhla, AW, or Tangiers, works well to get good clouds and have thick smoke, while it's not required for tobacco like AF or Starbuzz. You can still pack in Starbuzz pretty tightly and find that it smoke well though. It's all about figuring out what goes well with your set-up!
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